The #NextLevelLady Manifesto

A Next Level Lady is a NEW BREED OF WOMAN.

She’s hyper aware of how to attract healthy habits into existence.

She understands she already has everything in her to succeed.

She craves a next level life of purpose where she feels healthy, free, and HEIGHTENED.

She fights the war against society telling her she’s not good enough, slim enough, or capable enough.

When she fights the war for her life…she wins.

Every.  Damn. Time.

She knows her mindset is more powerful than…

…the next fad diet.

…a non-sustainable workout program.

…another woo-woo spiritual enlightenment practice.  

She knows the secret.

That through simple self-coaching tactics, she can learn to manage her mind and achieve any healthy habit she desires.

Which causes her to LEVEL UP and wow the world in ways most couldn’t even imagine. 

She never focuses on the problem and is always quick to find the solution.

She utilizes each setback as a valuable lesson to become better.

She’s confident of her future since she’s already established her future-focused next level mindset.

She unapologetically dreams bigger than anyone she knows.

She stays tenacious, persistent, and steadfast in her journey to reach life at THE NEXT LEVEL.

Hey Girl! I’m Kat.

I wanted to formally introduce myself.

My name is Kat Rentas and I’m the founder and CEO at A Next Level You.

When I’m not busy on my laptop, you can catch me enjoying the outdoors, binge-watching HGTV, sipping on margaritas, or spending a day at the beach with my furbaby Gus.

People often refer to me as a serial problem-solver.

My strength is listening to other people’s problems and figuring out a practical solution.

I’m also known for being stubborn and over-thinking practically everything…but let’s just focus on the positives here, shall we?😉

I’m passionate about serving the world by teaching ambitious women (like you!) how to manage their minds and build confidence, so they can LEVEL UP their health and fitness.

My personal journey with health and fitness was long-winded, drawn out, and just a literal $#!@ show if I’m being honest.

Something tells me you can relate…