You are MORE than you give yourself credit for…

…and you have the power to make your life MORE than you ever thought possible.


I’m here to give you the tools + resources to learn how.

Hey there! I’m Kat!

I cannot express how happy I am that you stumbled across my little corner of the internet called A Next Level You.

Before I get into what this community will do for you…let me explain how I got here.

Be forewarned, my story — like anyone else’s — wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

I didn’t just magically wake up one morning and start drinking herbal tea and tracking my moon cycle.

It took some raw, real, and ugly emotions to get to where I am today.

My hope is that my being open and honest about my journey, you’ll be able to identify with how it relates to yours.

So, let’s get into it!

My real journey towards health + fitness nirvana started back in 2012, when I suddenly found myself in a downward slope.

I was going through my senior year of college and I kind of reached this threshold of existence where I felt like I wasn’t growing into a person I was proud of.

I entered college with the intentions of graduating with my degree in Biology, but for what?

What passion was I truly aiming for? What was I striving for in life that would make me truly happy? What was my purpose?

These questions plagued my mind for some time.

There wasn’t anything I was doing in life that was inherently wrong…I just kind of coasted through life in an un-heightened state.

There is something so painfully numbing about complacency. 

Everything felt stagnant.

I would constantly wake up every morning, stare at the cieling, and think…”Is this it?

My lack of purpose or drive led me into a state of anxiety + depression.

This state of mind-numbing anxiety didn’t hit me out of nowhere.

Through my long-term lack of purpose, my cup slowly filled over the years.

Due to these feelings I couldn’t control, I was recommended more extreme measures (medication, therapy, etc.) to subside these emotions.

One dose of medication and I immediately knew there had to be a different way to deal with this than by having a pill with my breakfast every morning.

I knew this wasn’t the way for me to solve my problems.

[Disclaimer: This decision was my own and is not a one size fits all. Consult your medical doctor before you make any decisions concerning your health. See my Disclaimer for more information]

I’m not sure I’ll ever remember the exact reason.

But one day, out of no where, I decided to go for a run.

Running was something I always hated.

I sucked at it, so I found no reason to put myself in a situation where I would fail, in turn feeling even worse about myself.

But I did it anyways.

I probably only huffed and puffed a mile or so, but by the end of the run…I was bawling my eyes out.

Something in me woke up.

A fire was lit and it hasn’t gone out since.

Something inside me said…”You are enough.”

I’ll never forget that feeling.

I call this moment my “soul awakening” and you’ll feel it with every fiber in your being.

It’s the crossroads between giving up on life and learning how to FIGHT for your happiness.

The moment I started running I chose to fight.

How will you choose to fight? What will become your new passion?

Now let’s talk about the reason why we’re here…and that’s YOU

You’re in the right place if you feel like you’re…

  • Just coasting through life, without real purpose or direction
  • Struggling to establish your healthy identity
  • Feeling like nothing you do EVER measures up
  • Out of touch with what really makes you happy
  • Struggling to create a heathy fitness routine
  • Not yet feeling like the strong, empowered woman you truly are

If any of these apply — this community is for YOU.

My story represents why I currently am passionate about teaching others how to develop a healthy lifestyle through healthy habits + personal development.

Sure, things like nutrition, weight loss and workouts are all crucial steps to being the best, most healthy version of yourself.

But these things will never be possible without allowing yourself to grow MENTALLY.

So many of us try to acquire healthy habits out of desperation.

For me, I would constantly find myself wishing I was better in every way.

I wished I was skinnier, smarter, happier, etc. — I would pick myself apart daily.

What I’m saying is…I know what it’s like to crawl + fight towards results that just DON’T seem to be happening, cause you don’t yet have the right mindset for success.

You can’t acheive a real transformation through desperation.

If you’re desperate to be better, skinnier, fitter, healthier, etc. — you will NOT succeed.

You have to acheive these things through calculated steps and by focusing on your well-being.

These other results will merely be side-effects compared to your inside transformation.  

I’m going to give you a different approach that you won’t often see in the health + fitness community.

I’m here to help you make a transformation from the INSIDE out. 

Now let me be clear about what I mean by a “transformation”.

Here in this community, a transformation will not singularly apply to numbers on a scale or calories in a day.

This word is more fluid to me, and classifies a life-changing mental transformation that comes with killer, healthy side-effects.

You goal should always be to have a healthier + happier mind — the rest of the results will follow! 

Ultimately, you’ll need to find an activity that will make you feel like a fighter.

You’ll need to find an outlet that makes you feel empowered and strong.

Mine may be running, but yours might be something else entirely.

I cannot wait to see what TRANSFORMS you! 

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