Although purchasing a gift for a runner may seem daunting to some, we’re some of the easiest peeps to buy gifts for!

The best gifts for runners combine functionality with fun.

As long as the gift has to do with running in any type of way, you really can’t go wrong here. 🙂

And you don’t have to break the bank to get a runner something they’ll truly love — or will use daily!

Whether you are a runner or are looking to buy something for your runner BFF, here are the 50 best gifts for runners on the market right now.

[I’ll be listing them from the most budget-friendly to the most pricey!]

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    The 50 Best Gifts For Runners


    1) This Relatable T-Shirt

    If you’re a runner…you can relate to this shirt on a spiritual level.

    (I actually own this one! 😉)

    2) A Runner’s World Subscription

    Every runner anxiously awaits their monthly issue of Runner’s World Magazine.

    Giving your running buddy another year of this goodness is super practical and affordable!

    3) Gift Card

    To any sports store that has an assortment of running gear.

    Solid choices would be REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike, Brooks, etc.

    Although gift cards are obviously super easy to get (and require little to no effort) I don’t know a single runner who isn’t stoked to get them.

    4) Running Headbands

    A necessity for any runner with hair on their head.

    Also, provides sweat-wicking capabilities. So definitely a must have.

    5) Compression Sleeves/Socks

    Not only a means of post-run recovery, but compression gear is pretty much every runner’s favorite accessory!

    They come in a huge amount of colors and patterns. I have a pair with avocados on them! 🤓

    6) Running Hat

    Hats specifically made for runners are essential for those hot, sweaty days on the trails.

    And you can never have too many!

    Just make sure you purchase one specifically made for running. The one below’s a perfect option.

    7) This Cookbook For Runners

    “Run Fast. Eat Slow.”  by 4-time Olympian Shalane Flanagan is the ultimate cookbook for runners.

    It provides recipes that fuel you properly for the miles ahead, but also teaches you how to eat healthy food more mindfully!

    8) Running Socks

    A runner can never, I mean NEVER, have too many running socks.

    They’re ultra necessary to keep your runs comfortable and prevent blisters from forming on our feet.

    Any runner will appreciate this one! 

    9) Pace Bands

    A fun little multi-colored bracelet that allows a runner to see their pace chart during a run.

    Super light-weight and durable.

    Can buy different ones according to expected race finishing time!

    10) Running Fuel

    There’s a ton of different options out there for running fuel!

    A runner’s favorite past-time is trying new fuel options that come out.

    Giving a sample pack of fuel to any runner is a solid investment.

    11) Running Quote Art

    Every runner needs some aesthetically pleasing wall art that serves a healthy dose of running inspiration. 🙂

    12) Yearly Subscription to a Running App

    This is probably one of the best actual investments you can give to a runner.

    And most of the time, it’s very budget-friendly!

    The premium version of most apps only cost between $20-30.

    13) The Spirit Of The Marathon

    A film documenting the journey of 5 immensely different runners training for the Chicago Marathon.

    Just, amazing. 

    Every runner should see this documentary.

    14) Race Registration

    A super thoughtful gift, but tread lightly with this one!

    I would save this gift for someone you know particularly well.

    Be sure that the race is something they would want to run in the future.

    15) Clif Bars

    Runners (and athletes in general) seem to have an obsession with Clif Bars.

    Myself included.

    They’re always coming out with fun, seasonal flavors so buying a bundle pack for your running friend will ALWAYS go over well.

    16) Body Glide

    Every runner needs this in their arsenal.

    It’s not super glamorous as it prevents chafing during running — I know hot, right?

    But the runner in your life will appreciate the thought. 😉

    17) Medal Holder

    Every runner needs one. It’s a crucial means of long-term motivation.

    And we just like to “show-off” our hard-earned bling. 😉

    18) A New Running Book

    There are SO many wonderful running books out there.

    It’s honestly a perfect gift for any runner in your life.

    I highly recommend “Born To Run by Christopher McDougall.

    19) Cell Phone Armband

    Such a simple concept, but SUCH a game-changer. 

    Ever since I bought mine I no longer run without it.

    They’re also super durable. I’ve worn mine through multiple episodes of half and full marathon training.


    20) KT Tape

    An adhesive therapeutic tape that runner’s use routinely for treating pain and injury.

    It doesn’t hurt that they also come in fun colors and patterns.

    Just saying…


    21) Headlamp

    For the trail running junkie in your life!

    Or really any runner who loves the occasional night run from time to time.

    Most headlamps even have a flashing light feature so runners can be extra safe on busy roads.

    I love mine and use it routinely. 

    22) A Quality Foam Roller

    Foam rolling is very beneficial for post-run recovery.

    While runners sometimes opt for cheaper foam rollers to start with, any runner would love to have a more durable, effective foam roller to use!

    23) Running Shades

    I always say there’s no bigger buzzkill during a run than forgetting your sunglasses.

    I hate when the sun gets in my eyes and ruins my running zen. 

    These sunnies are a budget-friendly option that provide all the protection a runner needs!

    24) Camelbak

    Hydration is the most important thing for a runner on the road!

    I always tell people there has been no better investment for me running-wise than my Camelbak.

    Knowing I’ll always have access to proper hydration has been such a game-changer.


    25) Road ID

    Allows you to customize a band with your medical information and emergency contacts for first responders.

    A safety essential for every runner.


    26) Handheld Water Bottle

    Every runner needs one. You can give ’em one. 

    27) Running Belt

    A handy place to store little items on a run such as fuel, keys, or some extra cash.

    They’re also super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

    28) Olive Garden Gift Card

    Or any other Italian restaurant. 

    I find this gift super hilarious, yet practical.

    With this gift card, they’ll be all ready for their next carb-loading session.

    29) This Adorable Running Mug

    Every runner needs a running mug. It’s science. 😉

    30) Touch Screen Thermal Gloves

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn regular gloves in the winter, only to get frustrated when I can’t use my phone with them on.

    This fixes that problem.

    31) On The Run Pasta

    This is the cutest idea like, EVER.

    It’s also perfect for carb-loading before a runner’s next race!

    32) Yoga Classes

    Running is a fantastic means of post-run recovery.

    Purchasing yoga classes for a runner is a solid incentive for practicing proper recovery techniques.

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      33) Arm Warmers

      These are something every runner should have as a staple item.

      I love mine for the cooler months when I don’t feel like bundling up.

      34) This Wine Tumbler

      This one’s a personal favorite of mine. 

      And I don’t know many runners who wouldn’t love anything related to wine.

      Especially post-run. 🙂

      35) Quality Foot Scrub

      Because we all know a runner’s feet need some serious TLC.

      36) A Functional Gym Bag

      Having a high-quality gym bag was a solid investment for me.

      I no longer had to stuff my sweaty, running gear in my backpack.

      Now, I keep all the essentials I need in one place.

      37) Believe Training Journal

      Made by runners for runners.

      This journal is perfect for logging miles.

      It also comes in pretty, fun colors so that‘s always a bonus.

      38) Hands-Free Dog Leash

      Perfect if your running friend has a furry companion.

      I know other runners who use this with their furbabies and they swear by it.

      39) This Beer Pint Glass

      I’m obsessed with this pint glass. Your running BFF will be too.

      40) Race Bib Coasters

      This is such a thoughtful idea!

      As long as your running friend doesn’t mind you use their bib for the project.

      41) These Adorable Rundies

      These rundies are the cutest!

      A cute little gift option for your female running friend.

      Just keep in mind they aren’t meant for actual running, as they aren’t sweat-wicking.

      42) Decorative Wooden Sign

      Because it’s not enough for runners to tell everyone we run.

      We need to put a sign up in our house too. 😉

      43) Quality Yoga Mat

      Also, having a quality yoga mat is essential for recovery practices.

      You get long-term value from this one.

      I’ve had my yoga mat for YEARS and it’s still going strong!

      44) Gym Membership

      Another quality investment, depending on the runner.

      If you know they’re looking for cross-training options, providing them with a gym membership would be thoughtful.

      45) Running Program

      If you have a loved one who’s a newbie (or wannabe) runner, why not give them an investment to help them get started?

      Oh, hey! I can help! 😉

      My running program was designed for beginners to form a running habit long-term.

      If you have a loved one who’s interested in forming a running habit this is a solid option.

      46) Massage Appointment

      This is probably one of the most foolproof gifts you could buy a runner.

      We’re always looking for ways to recover our muscles from the miles run.

      A quality massage is always needed.

      47) Running Shoes

      This one’s a little riskier, but if done right can be an amazing gift!

      Just be sure you know their running shoe preference beforehand. 

      And if you’re clueless as to what a good running shoe entails, get advice from your local running store.

      48) Running Watch

      On the pricier side, but there’s no runner who wouldn’t love one.

      You really can’t go wrong with a Garmin Forerunner, but research other watch options to see which would work best for your running friend.

      49) Wireless Headphones

      This investment has been life-changing for me personally.

      There’s no better way to step up your running experience than by purchasing wireless headphones.

      In my opinion, they’ve honestly made my runs better all around.

      It’s easier when you don’t have a cord getting wrapped up in your arms every 2-seconds!

      50) Treadmill

      Obviously, a huge expense.

      But, you never know, right? 🙂

      If this is something you can afford, your running BFF will love you for it.

      Just be sure to do extensive research to see which would be best for them.

      A Final Note…

      So there you have it!

      If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the runner in your life (or if you’re like me and that runner is you) any one of these items will work.

      Runners only REALLY care about two things: the functionality of the items, and anything that makes the miles more enjoyable.

      If a gift succeeds at one of these two things, then it’s ideal. 😊

      Happy Shopping!


      Kat Rentas

      Founder, A Next Level You

      Free "Run Your Life" 7 Day Training

      In this free course, I'll teach you the tools + resources you need to establish a running habit for life. You'll also get info on the right mindset strategies, learn mistakes you should avoid, and receive a training plan!

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