The most amazing thing about meditation is that for just 5-minutes a day, you can gain an unbelievable amount of benefits.

It’s pretty much a steal.

The value FAR outweighs the cost on this one.

Which means, that we really have no excuse to not be implementing meditation into our daily lives.

Let me get started with the fact that, if you’re looking to make ANY large changes health or life-wise, you need to make changes to your mindset first.


Anyone who convinces you otherwise isn’t interested in your long-term change or growth. 

Here’s how it will likely feel the first time you try to meditate:

“Okay, so only 5-minutes right?! I GOT THIS! SO EASY!”

**Turns on zen music**

“Here we go! Ready to get in the zone!!”

30 seconds later…

“Did I remember to put eggs on the grocery list today?…CRAP! I’m supposed to be focused on my breath. Okay….GO!”

1 minute later…

“I’m a pro at this! I’m nearly finished! I’M A HEALTH/WELLNESS GODDESS!”

**Checks timer**


2 minutes later…


**Timer goes off**

“I really suck at this…”

If you’re anything like me, when that meditation timer starts for the first time, you’ll all of a sudden be having a billion intrusive thoughts running through your head at once.

Gotta love our minds, right?

Herein lies the crucial point that is…

Meditation is a skill.

One that takes much time and patience to master.

If you can establish a simple meditation practice everyday, you’ll get a number of killer benefits including:

– Less stress

– More restful sleep

– Improved concentration

– Reduced anxiety

– Lower blood pressure

– Increased happiness!

There are honestly too many to list (I’d rather not keep you here ALL day).

So how does one acquire this coveted skill and learn to quiet their mind?

To help you acquire a meditation habit, I’ve thought of some tips that will make this process much easier for you!

5 Steps To Developing a Meditation Habit

1) Start SUPER Small

I know 5-minutes a day might already seem small, but as mentioned in my example earlier, it’s going to be hard to keep a calm mind when you first start.

5-minutes can feel like AGES! And that’s okay!

If you have to start with even just 1-minute, it’s better than not doing it at all. The point is to start where it won’t be possible for you to NOT do it, then build from there.

The whole point of this process is to learn to be patient with yourself, and to be accepting of all stages of your learning process.

2) Don’t Fight/Judge Yourself 

This was probably the hardest for me, since I tend to be a little critical of myself.


Something meditation has ultimately taught me is to find peace with myself throughout the learning process, FLAWS and all. When you are able to get into a meditative state, you don’t concern yourself with failures of the past or expectations of the future. You only focus on the NOW, and how you can optimize the current moment you’re in.

Being able to do this has trickled into many aspects of my life.

I’m now easier on myself when I make mistakes. Which gives me more time to actually GROW from my failures and correct the problems. This has spiraled into a spike in self-confidence in all areas of my life.

Self-acceptance has been the most beautiful and meaningful benefit I’ve personally gained from meditation. 

3) Set The Mood

So there are a handful of things you’ll need to set yourself up for meditation success! The first couple are required, while the rest are optional.

Comfortable Seating: I highly recommend investing in a meditation cushion; however, if you’re prone to back problems any old chair works just fine.

A Non-Invasive Timer: To fully immerse yourself in a meditation practice, you shouldn’t be worried about the time. Have something you can use to set a timer, but make sure it’s not a timer that you’ll find invasive. Have the timer be one that can slowly pull you out of a meditative state, not jolt you out of one.

Essential Oils: I personally love to utilize aromatherapy during meditation. Not only does it have beneficial calming properties in itself, but it makes it much easier to keep me level-headed during my practice. It’s also a fun way to customize your ritual and make it feel like the ultimate spa-experience. (My favorite mixture is pine/lavender!)

Calming Playlist: This depends on the person, but I love a soft, calming playlist during my practice. It’s another tool that can help keep your mind calm and centered, so your thoughts don’t wander. If this is something that does help you, I recommend as you get more experienced to attempt meditating in complete silence. While it’s not required, it does strengthen your concentration and awareness abilities by doing so.

Mood Lighting: This is based on personal preference. I prefer dim lighting, but choose whatever works best for you!

4) Acknowledge The Pestering Thoughts

A major lesson you learn via meditation is that intrusive thoughts will ALWAYS find their way into your practice, no matter your experience level.

We are human, and with that comes a messy mind full of jumbled thoughts.

You’ll never walk around this Earth constantly feeling like some ethereal, divine being who only has thoughts of the moon-cycle, world peace, and reaching nirvana. 

Your mind will drift to that fight you had with your boss, what you need to make for dinner, and whether or not you forgot to take out the trash. 

That is reality.

You’ve become a true master of your practice when you can acknowledge every nagging thought you have, and release it. If you can come face-to-face with the negative thoughts streaming through your mind, without frustration or judgement, then you gain power over them. Which in turn gives you the power to be rid of them.

How could you not want to have this type of control?!

5) Have a Go-To Resource 

Some days will be better than others. No matter how long you’ve been practicing, it’s okay to need a little help once in a while. For me, that help comes in the form of the Calm App.

Keep in mind, there are a ton of other meditation apps out there that I encourage you to try, this is simply the one that works best for me.

It has a mega-list of guided meditations for every type of need (reducing anxiety, lack of self-esteem, breaking habits, etc.).

It also provides the non-invasive timer and mood music if that’s your thing!

This is the resource I used to start a daily meditation habit. I highly recommend you do the same!

So, there you have it!

I truly hope that this will help you start a healthy, fulfilling meditation practice.

And, don’t forget, your practice is all about you! Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself, or compare yourself to others.

This is on YOUR terms! 


Kat Rentas

Founder, A Next Level You

Hey, I’m Kat!

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