How To Explain Your Healthy Lifestyle To Family + Friends

How To Explain Your Healthy Lifestyle To Family + Friends

One of the most difficult parts of forming a new, healthy lifestyle is explaining it to your family and friends.

It’s funny how those closest to you oftentimes make it the hardest to make sustainable, healthy life changes!

It’s usually not intentional, it’s just difficult for those on the outside to understand.

This being said, no circumstances should prevent you from forming a healthy lifestyle — if you really want it bad enough!

Look, I get it.

Those judgmental looks and eye-rolls you get from friends and relatives get frustrating and REALLY old after a while.

Especially when it’s the LAST thing you need when trying to make difficult, and worthy life changes!

But, ultimately YOU (and only you) have the power to decide whether those people have an effect on your success.

To take control of your new healthy lifestyle I’m going to give you the…

Top 5 Tips To Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle Around Family + Friends


1) Don’t Be Pushy.

It’s hard when you begin seeing results from your healthy habits to not shout it from the rooftops everywhere you go.

But, when socializing with people who aren’t on the same journey or outlook on life, it’s usually safer to just play it cool.

For instance, if someone offers you cheesecake, instead of frantically waving your hands in the air ranting about the calories & saturated fat content… JUST PLAY IT COOL.

Say, “no thanks”, and keep doing your thing.

Do not recite the nutritional content of every food you (or your friends) are eating EVER.

I’ve found that the less you mention your healthy habits outright, the more friends and family will inquire about it!

So let THEM come to you!

Don’t thrust a healthy lifestyle upon them.

2) Be a Contagious Example

Speaking of playing it cool, often when you let the results speak for themselves, it motivates others to learn what you’re doing to get those results!

This applies to any new healthy habit that you form.

For example, when I first formed a running habit, I didn’t really mention it much.

I considered it my own personal journey, so I didn’t bother anyone with the details.

No broadcasting over social media every run I completed.

Eventually, I made some pretty clear physical changes, and people started to take notice!

Numerous people began asking me what I did to look healthier.

A handful of those people ended up relating to my journey, and forming a running habit for themselves.

I’m telling you…IT’S CONTAGIOUS.

Not for everyone, but for a great many.

It’s the “If I can…then YOU can!” mentality.

So don’t be afraid to let your actions speak for themselves, and of being an INSPIRATION to others!

Cause spreading a contagious healthy habit by inspiring others is a beautiful thing!

3) Find Your Tribe

This, to me, is the secret weapon of having any success in your health journey (whatever that may entail).

You NEED to find like-minded people who GET IT — and who preferably aren’t your friends or family.

There’s a support group for every type of health journey, including:

  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Running Clubs
  • Yoga Classes
  • Facebook Groups
  • Crossfit Gyms

Even if none of these groups specifically interest you, there are always a number of people who have the same interests as you, and who are on the same journey.

The possibilities are endless!

Even if you’re not the most social person, trust me, just give it a try.

To really maximize your results of a healthy lifestyle, it’s really necessary to put yourself out there and connect with others who are going through the same thing.

If you’re lucky enough to find your tribe, they’ll become your most dependable source of support and the one’s who you’ll vent to when things get rough!

Most importantly, it also relieves the pressure from your friends and family, when you have an outside support system to blab to!

4) Identify When It’s Necessary To Remove Yourself

This can be difficult at first, but sometimes you’ll just need to learn when it’s best to remove yourself from a potentially damaging situation.

For instance, when I first started prioritizing my health, I’d turn down nights out with friends.

Since I knew it would likely cause me to eat tons of crap food, drink booze, and skip my morning workout.

Truthfully, saying no at the time was easy!

I found that living a healthy lifestyle felt SO much better than feeling like crap the next morning from a killer hangover.

And, keep this in mind: You won’t have to remove yourself from certain situations forever!

I eventually started going out with my friends again, but I waited till I was at a point when I could be in that situation and STILL make healthy decisions.

Realistically, I knew when starting out it would have been self-sabotaging to my healthy lifestyle.

But, as I routinely preach — it’s ALWAYS about balance!

So BE HONEST with yourself!

There’s no shame in knowing your limits if a situation is potentially damaging to your new healthy habits.

Remove yourself until you’re ready! — I promise, your social life will be there when you get back.

5) Assert Your Needs + The Power of “NO”

This is, BY FAR, the most important concept.

Think of mastering any healthy habit as the ultimate “power-move” that you need to defeat the bad-guy in a video game.

Now, to gain the ability to perform this “power-move” you’ll need to accumulate a series of “power-ups” to fill the meter and gain that ability.

If the “power-move” is mastering the healthy habit, than the “power-ups” are saying “NO!”.

[Hopefully you non-gamers out there are still with me…]

Every time you say “no” to something, out of the desire to stick to your healthy lifestyle, you’re ultimately one step closer to mastering that healthy habit.

And…SPOILER ALERT…after a bit of time, it feels REALLY good to say NO!

Every time you make that decision, you can feel yourself getting one step closer to becoming the healthiest version of yourself.


This will take you SO far on your health journey.

While I could probably write an entire article on this concept alone, you get the general idea.

Just assert your needs, and feel confident saying “NO!” if the situation calls for it!

It’s definitely underrated how hard the social aspect of any healthy journey actually is!

We can learn all there is to know about clean eating and fat-burning workouts, but if we don’t understand how to deal with those closest to us, we’re set up for failure from the start!

I hope that these tips will serve you well next time you struggle to get friends + family to understand what you’re going through.

And if they don’t, THAT’S OKAY! This is YOUR journey.

And you have complete control over your success! ????

What’s your go-to way of dealing with your friends + family when forming healthy habits? 


Kat Rentas

Founder, Living In Slack Tide


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